Canterbury Steiner School is an established independent co-educational day school providing a broad-based International curriculum.

The school provides a seamless transition for pupils from 3 years through to 14 upwards. Children’s capacities and personal abilities are developed through a rich curriculum based on the changing cognitive and emotional needs of young children and adolescents.

  • A kindergarten that encourages imaginative play to build a healthy basis for later learning.
  • A class teacher who is dedicated to your child for the first eight years of their education.
  • An integrated approach to all subjects in the early years, that engages the whole child, not just the intellect, in learning, that includes – artwork, storytelling and practical activities.
  • An approach that fosters greater concentration and involvement from the children and stimulates deeper and wider interest in subjects.
  • The development of critical thinking, objectivity and considerate behaviour in the later years; excellence through appreciation of an individual’s best work and recognition of each child’s contribution to the school community.
  • Positive links with other local schools where pupils continue their education post-GCSE, and where they are valued for their high levels of maturity and motivation.


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