Learning Support

Any non-selective school will include a number of pupils whose educational needs cannot be met solely with the normal classroom provision. Whether their needs are due to learning difficulties, constitutional, emotional or social factors, such pupils require extra support and at Canterbury Steiner School the Learning Support Group seeks to provide this. Parents should be aware, however, that the school is not able to address all learning difficulties and needs and should make sure that the support available for their child is at an appropriate level. The school also reserves the right to decline an application when after making all reasonable adjustments the parents do not feel the school meets their child’s needs.

Alongside a member of staff with an appropriate qualification for teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties, and other teachers, the School Doctor (an Anthroposophical and N.H.S. Practitioner) visits monthly to see pupils and attend meetings where they are discussed.

Canterbury Steiner School’s policy is to work as closely as possible with the Department of Education’s 2003 regulations with regard to:

  • seeking early identification of Special Educational Needs
  • offering a staged response to meet such needs
  • maintaining a register of pupils with S.E.N.
  • keeping parents informed about the school’s response to their children’s needs.

A screening programme has been established in Classes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, to complement the ongoing appraisal carried out by teachers. Where it is considered that a child could benefit from Learning Support, the school follows the procedures laid down in the Learning Support Policy and Procedures document available on request.

The Learning Support Group is comprised of 3 staff members.