Lower School

Age 6 – 14 years

The Lower School (classes 1-8) caters for children aged 6 – 14.

  • The Class Teacher has an important role, ideally moving up with the class during each year of the Lower School
  • Formal learning of reading, writing and arithmetic is introduced in Class 1 at age 6, along with Painting, Modelling, Eurythmy, Drawing, Handwork, Music and Modern Languages
  • Each day starts with a 90 minute Main Lesson covering in-depth study over 3-4 weeks


All subjects are introduced orally in ways that appeal to a child’s imagination. The formal learning of reading, writing and arithmetic begins in Class 1. Children enter this class in the September of the school year in which they become seven. Regular practice of the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic continues throughout the school alongside artistic activities such as Painting, Modelling, Eurythmy, Drawing, Handwork, Music, Woodwork (from Class 6), Drama and physical activities such as Gym and games.

The Class Teacher has a special role in a Steiner school. They move up with the class from year to year from Class 1 to Class 8. This provides the children with the continuity and security that they need. The Class Teacher is also the central figure for understanding the child’s needs and enabling the children to make the most of the curriculum.

An important aspect of the education is the Main Lesson. From Class 1, a subject is studied in depth for three or four weeks, every day for about two hours. This is the Main Lesson. A wide range of subjects is studied over a school year, within the framework of a clearly defined curriculum.

Pupils create their own Main Lesson book for each subject, based on the material presented by the teacher. These books are carefully crafted and colourfully illustrated and become a record of the pupil’s progress through the year. The Class Teacher is responsible for encouraging the children’s enthusiasm for learning through a variety of approaches, central to which is the oral one.

During the rest of the school day, the children follow a full daily timetable of regular lessons in other subjects taught by specialist teachers. These subjects include French, German, Music, Eurythmy, Games, Gym, Handwork, Woodwork and Religion. In addition, there are regular practice lessons in English and Maths. Certain subjects for example French and German may require extra support either in house or outside of school for those pupils joining the school from Class 5 onwards.

For some subjects pupils also use the school grounds to further various aspects of their lessons. In the course of their school lives, they will also make various day visits to appropriate places. From Class 3 onwards, these may include overnight stays for the class. These activities are always fully discussed in advance with parents, usually in the parents’ evenings held once a term.