Upper School

Age 14 Upwards

The third phase of Steiner education is the Upper School. These are classes 9-11 (14 upwards). The pastoral role of the Class Teacher in this part of the school is taken over by a member of staff who becomes the class ‘Class Guardian’.

  • Main lesson taught by specialist teachers
  • Equal emphasis on intellectual development and creative work
  • GCSE preparation
  • European exchanges


The Main Lesson block continues but each block is taught by a specialist teacher. The artistic and imaginative approach remains of importance and the curriculum places equal emphasis on intellectual development and on creative work expressed through artistic and dramatic forms. In the Upper School the curriculum lays great emphasis on Science and Maths work, provided to satisfy the need for objective facts and reasoning at this age. Certain subjects for example French & German may require extra support outside of school for those pupils joining the school.

Preparation for GCSE examinations takes place in Classes 10 and 11, and the Steiner Waldorf curriculum runs in parallel with the examination syllabuses. Individual language exchanges with other schools in Europe are encouraged. All proposals for international exchanges for Upper School pupils should be referred to the appropriate Class Guardians who will bring them to the Upper School meeting; a term’s notice is required.

All pupils are entered for GCSE examinations, usually taking between four and eight subjects. The school is a centre for the AQA Examining Board. Pupils take the exams in Class 11 (17 years old). Parents pay the examination fees for their children. This years GCSE results are available here (Canterbury Steiner GCSE Results 2015)

After completing their GCSEs, pupils continue their full-time education in the sixth forms of local schools and colleges. The School has extremely good relations with many schools in Canterbury, and students usually have no problem finding places on suitable courses.