Through our admissions process we aim to establish

  • That you have a clear understanding of the distinctive education we offer before you commit to us.
  • That we feel satisfied we can meet your child’s needs before we commit to you.

Informal first steps


It is important that you familiarise yourselves as fully as possible about our education so that you can make an informed decision whether to submit a formal application. A useful source of information and relevant background literature is the Steiner/Waldorf Schools Fellowship. Together they aim to provide as full an understanding as possible of Canterbury Steiner School so that you can then make an informed decision whether to submit a formal application. If you are not sure which route is most suitable for you, do please call our Admissions Officer who will be happy to discuss this with you or email them on

The Admission Process

Once we have received your completed application form, supporting documents and the appropriate fee, we will invite you for an interview.


  • For applications to Kindergarten, you will be interviewed with your child present.
  • For Lower and Upper School, your child will normally be assessed by members of staff in interviews and a separate meeting will take place with you as parents. If the application proceeds, your child will be offered a trial day at a mutually convenient date.


Through our child assessments we aim to determine whether we can meet your child’s needs.  Canterbury Steiner School is a comprehensive school and our aim is to create balanced classes containing children with a range of abilities.

Following interview, and assuming we are able to admit your child, you will receive a formal offer together with a copy of our parent-school contract.  It is at this point that you make your final decision whether to take up a place for your child at the School.