Our Aims

“Parents and children alike need time for solitude, time to stretch and think and wonder, time to become acquainted with ourselves and the world around us.” Katrina Kenison

The aim of our work is to make a contribution to the local community through promoting the wellbeing of both children and parents alike.

For Children:
– To promote free play which is child-led;

– To protect children’s innate connection to their environment, the natural world;

– To allow children to interact with their ever-changing environment;

– To enable children to take healthy and manageable risks;

– To allow children to experience complete freedom of movement;

– To allow opportunity for children to follow their own initiative;

– To engage with other children in an unstructured, unhurried space;

– To have a multi-sensory engagement with the world;

For Parents:
– To give parents the time and space to awaken their own natural sense of wonder;

– For parents to forge friendships and feel part of a community which supports their important job of parenting;

– To give parents the opportunity to closely observe their child’s development;

– To offer an excellent introduction to the Steiner approach to the young child.