School Life

Canterbury Steiner School is one of over 1200 Steiner-Waldorf schools worldwide.

Canterbury Steiner School’s success lies in helping children develop into all-round human beings with a sense of inner self-worth and a deep appreciation of others.

Children’s capacities and personal abilities unfold by providing them with a rich and innovative curriculum.

We deliver an education that enhances and harmonises children’s own natural development.

Watch this film NOW… and be inspired!

This film, ‘Waldorf 100’, marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of Steiner/Waldorf education, which falls next year, 2019, and will be celebrated in all Steiner schools worldwide.

It is too easy to forget how truly international our movement is and how, in spite of being interpreted to reflect and respect particular cultures, it retains its core values so strongly that the vision is the same wherever a school is established.

These words, whether spoken in Kenya, Israel, Brazil, India, Germany, the USA, England, Russia or elsewhere, express what this education stands for, simply and movingly.

Do watch it.

Tessa Carias, School Leader